At DesignPoint, we create custom designs that are utilized in a surprising variety of finished products and formats. What follows are brief descriptions of some of the many services we provide that all fit under the umbrella of graphic design. For specific examples of projects we’ve done, we invite you to take some time and browse through our portfolio of work.

Our Services…

Logo & Brand Design

Logo design is a very important part of establishing your company identity. A logo should represent the style and personality of your company and appeal to your target market. DesignPoint has designed and developed unique and effective logos for clients that attract customers and help create a sense of stability and professionalism. Your logo is most effective when it is utilized and supported by all of your marketing materials — creating a cohesive brand that will be instantly recognizable to anyone who sees your advertisements, vehicles, brochures, or other promotional items. We can also help you evaluate your existing logo to see if it can be improved, redesigned, or rebuilt to better serve you in today’s high-definition marketplace.

Our 7-Step Logo Process



The first step in a logo design project is for us to meet with you about your needs and your vision for your new identity. It is always nice to meet in person to get details, brainstorm concepts, and get a feel for your brand, but a phone call or video chat works just fine as well. We will use your direction and initial feedback to guide us throughout the project.



Next, we look at the target market for your brand and the overall style or feel that you want to communicate when people interact with your company identity. If you have provided us with examples of other logo elements and color schemes you have seen that you like, we consider those as we begin to develop an overall concept.



In most cases, the designer will sit down with pencil and paper and sketch out their initial ideas. This amounts to brainstorming and fleshing out concepts. These rough drawings are rarely shown to our clients, but they allow us to quickly gauge proportions and explore designs and directions to evaluate their effectiveness.



The next phase is what usually takes the longest to complete. This is where the designer picks their favorite sketches and begins building the logo concepts digitally. The requested number of comps (and perhaps a few variations) will be compiled and presented for review. These comps will be sent as a PDF via email, with a brief description of the thought process behind the design choices.



Now you get the opportunity to review the provided comps and give us feedback on any revisions you might like to see. Most commonly these are color variations, repositioning of elements, and font selection. It is always fantastic when one of our first round comps is perfect right out of the gate, but we normally expect that there will be at least one round of revisions before we get it just right.



The designer will take your feedback and create another round of comps focused on the requested changes. At this point, we are usually pretty close with one of the concepts and all that remains is to make a few additional tweaks to complete the design of your new company identity. Our aim is to always create a design that you are excited about, and one that we will proudly add to our portfolio.



The last step is for a designer to prepare and provide the finalized logo in a variety of formats for you to use in different applications. Most commonly, we provide the color logo and a black and white or grayscale version in vector formats for use by sign or print companies, and various web-friendly raster file formats for your email signature or website.

Website Design

It’s no secret that people are turning to the web first when they need a product or service. Your potential customers are searching for you online and they will often decide whether or not to work with you based on what they find. It’s important to have a website that functions properly, looks professional, has relevant and up-to-date content, and ranks reasonably well in search engine results. We have experience with web design in WordPress, Joomla!, Flash, HTML, and more. By using tools like responsive design and content management systems, we can help you ensure that your site will look and function great on desktop and mobile devices and that you can quickly and easily add content to keep your site up-to-date and ranking high.

WordPress Website Development

Whether you need a basic informational website or a complex site with event registration, a shopping cart, or other features, we can help you develop and maintain your online presence. WordPress allows website administrators to quickly and easily make updates to content. Up-to-date content helps your site stay relevant and promotes good search engine optimization (SEO).

WordPress Website Maintenance

Due to the continuously changing landscape of internet technology, WordPress core and plugin updates are released frequently to keep websites functioning properly and to reduce vulnerabilities. DesignPoint offers a maintenance program for a flat monthly fee which frees you from the burden of keeping your core site functionality and security updated. Contact us today for more details.

Print Design

While it may be true that companies are turning more and more to digital means for promoting themselves and their services, printed materials still have an important place in the marketing strategies of many businesses. While business cards, letterhead, and envelopes are essentials for any company, brochures, flyers, postcards, and sell sheets continue to play a critical role in communicating capabilities and detailed information to existing and potential customers. Print also extends beyond paper to a wide variety of promotional items such as t-shirts, hats, pens, signs, and much more. DesignPoint has vast experience in all aspects of print design and we can help you choose the best materials and methods to get your brand and message out in the physical world for people to touch and feel.

Book Cover Design

We have many years of experience working with publishers and authors from around the world to create eye-catching designs that represent their titles. People will ultimately buy a book that has a story or subject that they are interested in, but the first step is to get them to pick the book up off the shelf (or click on it in the online world) to find out what it’s about. Our goal with book cover design is to create concepts that are complementary to the title and geared towards the target audience so potential readers will have a good feel for the book, be encouraged to look closer, and be motivated to read between the covers.

Cover design in the age of eBooks

Large brick and mortar bookstores seem to have become an endangered species, and readers are turning more and more to eBooks for convenience. However, digital delivery of the written word is far from taking over the industry, as eBooks only account for about 12% of total trade revenue in the United States.[185] Even if your words don’t find their way to a printed page, an effective cover is still important for attracting readers, and the same design principles apply to covers whether they’re in print or online. We can create a book cover design that will set you apart from other books, and we will provide cover image files in the proper formats for whichever online retailers you choose.

Everything Else Design

Some of our favorite projects are ones that start with the question “Can you guys find a way to do this?” We have helped our clients get their message out to potential customers and constituents in a variety of fun and unique ways, including vehicle wraps, playing cards, tradeshow displays, pins, banners, lunch boxes, product packaging, labels, direct mail campaigns, banner stands, coins, ID badges, signage, stickers, billboards, menus, and exhibits. We have also dabbled in custom framing, photography, game design, and even a little interior decorating. We can customize your e-newsletter, design a product display, recreate a graphic, or touch up a family photo. Just let us know what you need and we’ll see if we can make it happen for you.


Client Compliments…

Client feedback and referrals mean a lot to us. Our goal is always to provide concepts and finished projects that you will be excited to share with your customers and audience, and it’s great to hear when we’ve hit that mark. If you would like to share your thoughts about your experience working with DesignPoint, we would love to hear from you! Send us a message.

Timothy Bates
Corvallis Transit System

It is always a pleasure to work with DesignPoint because of your efficiency and professionalism. I wish you could bottle it and sell it to my other contractors.

Arnold Sanchez
Civil West Construction

Phenomenal work! They are very easy to work with and take pride in what they do. We will always use them.

Jean Rover

Wow! Such great work. I absolutely love the first cover option for Ready or Not. The one with the reverse type. Thank you for your speedy and fine work!

Arnold Sanchez
Civil West Construction

I am absolutely happy we decided to work with your team. I am extremely impressed with what you delivered. Please thank everyone who worked on the logo concepts, I want them all!

Jason Williams
Taxpayer Association of Oregon

You do such amazing work. This Portland graphic will be such a hit tomorrow. I don’t know how you did it, but it came out so real looking. The Thomas Jefferson Award postcard also came out looking very dignified, elevating the award itself. I love it.

Dylan Frederick
DF Strategies
This looks fantastic! Exactly how I envisioned the website looking. Thank you for the strong work.
Lori Erickson
Oh, the cover for The Soul of the Family Tree is beautiful! I LOVE IT!!! Especially the crossed swords at the bottom. 🙂 The designer did a beautiful job on both covers for my books. They really capture the spirit of what I’m trying to convey in my writing.
Allison Taylor
Presbyterian Publishing
Wow, y’all have outdone yourselves with the Erickson project. We love the rosemaling and are extremely happy to move ahead just as it is. Fantastic work.
Molly Stadeli
Stadeli Well Drilling

DesignPoint has been such a pleasure to work with. Our company has been working with them for over four years on website needs. They are always patient, efficient, and extremely responsive. I will recommend them to everyone looking for any design needs!

Dana McLaughlin
Vibrant Vision + Optical

Design Point has fit my needs as a local business owner perfectly! The formatting and artistic design of my website and all other materials has not only met, but exceeded, my expectations. Their exceptional quality of work and friendliness will make your graphic design projects fun and easy!

Emily Thiessen
Kraft Masonry
Thank you so much for all of your help and hard work — we are very happy with the new website updates!
Doug Jones
Zephyr Engineering
What you have done on the new website looks great. Thank you very much.