December 2013
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Taming a Charging Rhyno

Solar power is steadily growing in popularity as a clean way to supplement the ever-growing energy needs of our society. It is not unusual to see solar panels on homes and business as people try to help combat rising energy costs, but in most cases the panels are large, stationary, and require expert installation. What if you could harness the power of the sun to recharge your cell phone on a hike? Or run a cooler on a camping trip instead of bringing along bags of ice? Grape Solar in Eugene, Oregon is making it possible for us to do just that with their new series of GoCharger products.

We recently had the opportunity to work with Grape Solar to design the packaging for their new heavy duty Rhyno 500 portable power system. While this unit won’t just clip onto your backpack like the GoCharger 7.5, it will gladly stay behind at your campsite and store power for you to use in any number of ways. You can use it to recharge your tablet, smartphone or digital camera. You can power a laptop for 5 hours or run a CPAP machine overnight. Since the Rhyno 500 has a built-in 40 Ah Lithium Ion battery, it will continue to provide you with electricity even after the sun goes down. It has a sturdy carry case for easy, safe transport and storage, and it makes a great addition to any outdoor adventure or disaster preparedness plan.

Since the Rhyno 500 case is perfectly capable of protecting the system, there was no need to package it in an additional box for display in retail locations. In order to provide product information and discourage tampering, Grape Solar asked us to design a wrap to enclose the case in the store. The finished wrap runs underneath the handle to keep it positioned and prevent opening the case. The packaging has a bold, simple design with clearly visible product information.

Much of the inspiration for the style of the wrap comes from the product name and description. Key concepts like “Heavy Duty”, “Durable”, “Simple” and of course the “Rhyno” itself are represented in the design elements of the finished packaging. Dark colors with a stone texture communicate the sense of solid durability. The rhinoceros, beyond the obvious product name tie-in, evokes power and strength.

This type of portable solar generator is going to be a completely new idea to most shoppers, so the packaging should grab people’s attention and then immediately answer their questions about the nature of the product and its capabilities.

Grape Solar is rethinking the applications of solar power in order to make it a realistic and easy solution for people on the go. Maybe you aren’t ready to commit to a solar conversion of your home (if you are, Grape Solar can certainly help you with that too), but it’s easy to imagine how having the ability to tap into the sun — to keep your devices working when there are no outlets handy — might make your next outdoor experience that much better.

Stay tuned for more fun, innovative, and portable solutions from Grape Solar.

The new Rhyno 500 power unit packaging...

We’ve Got You Covered

Here are a few recent titles we’ve designed for Baker Publishing Group, Presbyterian Publishing and Broken Cove Press, which are now available at the usual book outlets...

Brand New

The identity of a company or organization is centered around its logo. A good logo should be unique, immediately recognizable and useable in a variety of applications. Here are some of our recent creations...

Proven Potential

Postcards are a great way to promote your business. And it’s no secret that if you present your business in a professional way that’s attractive to your target audience, people will take notice. Here are a few postcards that have made their way into mailboxes everywhere...

Educator App-roved

Classrooms everywhere are ready to Crack the Books. App developer Mobile Education Store recently released the first three apps in a series of science-related multimedia iBooks on Apple’s App Store. These iBooks use an innovative adjustable reading level so that a teacher can provide their entire class with the same subject matter, regardless of the students’ individual abilities. Each iBook has many engaging, interactive elements to help kids get excited about the subject. After every chapter students can take a test within the app to review the material and help teachers measure their progress. These iBooks are great for use at home too! We designed the user interface, series logo, and other supporting graphics like the App Store icons...

Matching Game: Favorite Movie We’re Mocked For Liking

Some movies are universally liked. Some movies are guilty pleasures that we like despite their flaws. Then there are those movies that we never admit to liking because we will be publicly mocked. See if you can match the person to the secret shame — and let the eye-rolling begin! Roll over each movie to see our favorite match — and click on a movie graphic to watch the trailer...



  Did You Know?

The citrus soda 7 Up, created in 1929, was originally named “Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda”. Some claim the number “7” was selected because the original containers were 7 ounces and the “Up” indicated the rising direction of the bubbles. Others claim the “7” relates to the drink’s seven main ingredients. Whatever the case, the name change was a brilliant marketing decision.

What’s New?

This quarter-page print ad for Cris Dental is one of many advertisements we create. Whether its a print ad for a publication, a banner ad on a website, or a simple graphic for your Facebook page, we’ll make your company look good at any size.

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