May 2012
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SongSelect™ Leads the Way with a Whole New Look

Christian Copyright Licensing International’s (CCLI) SongSelect™ worship music licensing service is the industry standard for online worship song chord sheets, lead sheets, vocal sheets, lyrics and sound sample subscriptions. It’s one of the many CCLI brands DesignPoint works on. After the SongSelect™ website went through a recent facelift, we updated their advertising materials to fall in line with the new look and give everything a unifying edge.

In the 1980s, copyright holders began suing churches for infringement due to their practice of distributing photocopied song lyrics to members of the congregation during worship. In order to avoid violation of federal law, churches are technically required to seek express permission from copyright holders before making any copies or duplicates of song lyrics or other materials. Most congregational employees are either unaware of that requirement, or are under the false assumption that nobody would consider suing a church.

In response, CCLI developed SongSelect™ as a way to help churches stay compliant with federal copyright law. SongSelect™ introduced the concept of “blanket permission” which gave churches the ability to distribute copies of song lyrics, legally, by paying one subscription to access a huge catalog of music. CCLI worked with musicians and labels to negotiate their participation in the service; saving time, money, and liability for worship leaders in churches around the world.

We have worked with CCLI for many years to help them spread the word about their many services. As you can see from the sidebar to the right, the SongSelect™ branding has changed quite a bit over the years. We’ve been excited to produce designs that tie into trends in the Christian music industry, but also remain appealing to a wide demographic of congregational leaders. Most marketing campaigns for CCLI include brochures and direct mail pieces which are intended to drive people to so they can sign up and gain immediate access to all the tools available with the service.

In the most recent incarnation of CCLI’s SongSelect™ marketing materials, we were directed to match the style of their recently redeveloped website. It is always a challenge to incorporate an existing look with a style set by an outside source, but we feel like the results speak for themselves. Below you can see some of the many pieces that take advantage of the updated look. We pulled design elements and styles CCLI liked from the 2010 marketing campaign and married them with screenshots and elements from the new website, such as buttons and icons. It is important to us that we maintain consistency throughout a brand. This new style ensures that when a potential customer looks at a brochure, visits the website, or downloads an order form, the unifying look and feel immediately makes them recognize that they’re looking at SongSelect™ materials — and that the brand is professional, trendy, and reliable.

It has been great to work with CCLI and to help them protect churches from crippling lawsuits while providing them with everything they need to create fun and effective worship services. We have been able to provide CCLI with web banners, microsites, stationery, brochures, order forms, print ads, direct mail pieces and so much more — all with a consistent look and feel. There is nothing we like better!

Some of CCLI’s SongSelect™ current advertising materials...

We’ve Got You Covered

Here are a few recent titles we’ve designed for Baker Publishing Group and Presbyterian Publishing which are now available at the usual book outlets...

Hangin’ Out On the Web

Content Management Systems, social media and mobile device compatibility are becoming the most requested features in our website projects. Here are three examples of recent projects we have completed that employ these features to varying degrees...

Brand New

The identity of a company is centered around its logo. A good logo should be unique, immediately recognizable and useable in a variety of applications. Here are some of our recent creations...

Projects Flying Out the Door

Here are a few projects that have already left the nest...

The Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB) recently changed their requirements for contractors seeking to renew their licenses, adding a mandatory 16 hours of continuing education. Oregon Contractor Education recognized that it may be difficult for contractors to find an opportunity to devote 16 hours during the day to attending classes, so they worked with us to develop a website ( with online courses to help meet the requirements. Below are some of the supporting materials we developed, including: a brochure, stationery, and the printable certificate that is available to the user upon course completion. These items are designed to spread the word about the website and to give potential clients the details about the courses available and new licensing requirements they may not be aware of:

Product packaging is always fun to create, and the following items from Kuzushi are a prime example. The Kuzushi brand began as an identity for Cody Bell’s martial arts instruction, but also extended to other business ventures through his mantra of “bringing people together through good food, culture, community and way of life mentality”. The Kuzushi Rain bottle, distributed by Oregon Rain as part of their co-branding service, hydrates students in the martial arts classes and anyone else who longs to quench their thirst. The label is designed to be clean and refreshing, just like the pure Oregon rain water inside. We hope it makes you thirsty just looking at it! You may also want to keep a bottle close by for when you consume the Kuzushi Dragon’s Breath sauce. This Dank (completely awesome) Sauce is recommended for use on everything from fish to pizza and fries to mixed drinks. The essence of the label captures the spicy, smoky flavor contained within. As a bonus, a portion of all sales are donated to assist in disaster relief efforts:

While on the theme of continuing education, below are some materials developed for ATI Wah Chang’s Corrosion Solutions® Seminar. These seminars, offered by their Technical Services Department and held here in the United States and abroad, are geared towards chemical, design, materials and other engineers, as well as fabricators and maintenance personnel. The seminars are focused on helping them make technically and economically sound decisions when selecting and working with ATI’s specialty metals. The multi-page flyer shown below includes the basic seminar information, registration form, and syllabus. Each participant also receives a certificate of completion. The style is designed to match other ATI marketing materials and presents the information in a clear and easy-to-digest format:

Matching Game: Favorite Muppet

It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights! Who doesn't love the muppets? We aren’t going to ask what the correlation is between our favorite muppets and our personality quirks... we’ll leave that for you to decide. It is safe to say, however, that at least one of us has far too much in common with our muppet counterpart. Roll over each muppet image to see our favorites.



  Did You Know?

The Great Seal of the United States was designed by four committees between 1776 and 1782. Inclusion of the bald eagle and the seal's final design is credited to then Secretary of Congress, Charles Thomson.

What’s New?

This is OneSource’s new service van. We put together the layout and prepared the graphic files for the signage company to print, cut and apply to the vehicle. If you can imagine it, we can design it!

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