December 2011
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Boosting Carlson’s Communication Impact

Wireless communication is continuing to grow and evolve at an incredible rate. While voice communication has been widely available without a physical connection since the early 20th century, today’s technologies are constantly finding new ways to connect devices without the need to run a cable between them.

It has become commonplace to open up a laptop or flip open a cell phone and have instant access to all the services available to those tools, so much so that we do not always consider the technology behind that invisible connection.

Carlson Wireless is a company that specializes in bringing wireless voice and data communications to remote areas — places like the northernmost inhabited area of the planet.

When television broadcasting switched to digital, it left the VHF band wide open. Carlson Wireless saw an opportunity to use that broadcast spectrum for radio and data communication. With their new TV White Space Super WiFi products, they are bringing wireless internet connectivity to communities that would otherwise have no options for broadband. To help them spread the message of their exciting advancements, they asked us to lend a hand with their marketing materials.

It will come as no surprise that the first piece we tackled was their logo. We settled on a clean, simple mark that would be easily recognizable. The curve inside the diamond represents a wireless signal, and also mimics the C in their company name. The icon was designed to work well either with the text or as a stand-alone mark, as needed.

As is our custom, we took the style established by the logo and began to apply it to Carlson’s other materials. We have produced sell sheets, a brochure, a tradeshow booth and of course, new business cards. As an interesting side note, the Carlson business cards were the first time we implemented a QR Code for smart phones into the design. Scanning the code with your phone will import the contact info directly to your address book. Convenient!

Next on the list was Carlson’s website, which you can see here. The website gives prospective customers a place to quickly learn about all of the products and services that Carlson provides to meet their needs.

One of the greatest challenges when bringing new technology to the marketplace is educating people about the benefits of your product. Carlson wanted us to help them with a video presentation that would explain their new technology in a clean, easy-to-understand manner. We took their provided information and created an animated presentation in Adobe® Flash®, which we then exported to video format. As a final step, Carlson added voice-over narration. And, while you do still need a basic understanding of networking terminology, it does help to break down the basics of TV White Space (Dynamic Spectrum) communications.

It has been a lot of fun working with Carlson Wireless — helping them come up with new branding concepts and watching the development of their new and exciting technologies!

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Projects Flying Out the Door

Here are two projects that have already left the nest...

This postcard was created to help promote and generate fundraising for the Transitional Youth organization. Their mission is “to positively transform the hearts and lives of at-risk and homeless youth”:

Rob Cornilles is a candidate for Congress, running in Oregon’s 1st District special election coming up on January 31, 2012. This is a brochure we designed for his campaign that provides information about Rob and his platform for election. Since there is such a short time frame for this election, both candidates are focused on getting the word out as quickly and efficiently as possible. A brochure such as this is relatively inexpensive to produce and distribute:

Matching Game: Christmas Movies

Tis the season to be jolly! But sometimes we need a bit of a jump start to get into the Christmas Spirit. For many of us, the right song on the radio or the right movie in the DVD player is the perfect spark to light the Christmas fire! See if you can guess which Christmas movie is a must see this season for each DesignPoint member! Roll over each Christmas Movie image to see our favorites.



Many Thanks!

We want to take a moment and say thank you to everyone we’ve worked with this year. It’s always an honor to be trusted with helping to create and maintain the public face of your companies and enterprises. Every year you present us with creative challenges that give us the opportunity to explore new styles and solutions for each project and we love every minute of it. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and the very best for you and your families in the coming year.

  Did You Know?

The Michelin Man has a name... Monsieur Bibendum. He is one of the world's oldest and most recognizable trademarks. Bibendum was created in 1894 by French cartoonist Marius Rossilon. The character is based on stacks of Michelin's original white bicycle tires.
  What’s New?

Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming redesign of our website. This new version has streamlined navigation and teasers on the homepage highlighting content within our portfolio. It will also be fully compatible with smartphones and iPads. We hope to have it live shortly after the new year, so stay tuned!

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