August 2011
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Concept Art by Kurisu International courtesy of ATI Wah Chang
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Check out the redesigned website for Kaufman Homes, Inc. The site features a completely new look along with a built-in content managment system and integration with all of Kaufman Homes' social networking tools.


Design in the Third Dimension

Most of what we create here at DesignPoint ends up presented on a screen or printed on paper. While we spend a lot of effort creating the illusion of depth and dimension, it is always exciting when we have the opportunity to design something that takes up a bit more space in the physical world.

Our client, ATI Wah Chang, partnered with the cities of Albany and Millersburg, Oregon to convert an old lumber mill and surrounding property into an engineered wetlands system in order to aid with the purification process of their collective waste water — the first cooperative public and private engineering project of its kind in the United States. While ATI Wah Chang’s effluent already exceeds purification standards, the wetlands provides a natural method to lower the temperature of the released water and to further remove nitrates and other pollutants in order to negate any potential impact on the environment. The wetlands has the further benefit of providing a habitat for a variety of local animals, birds, and fish, as well as becoming a destination for the surrounding community.

ATI Wah Chang wanted a compelling interactive display which would educate visitors and employees about the wetlands project. Our role in the project was to develop a display concept depicting only the first phase of the much larger three phase wetlands system, to design the graphic elements, and to coordinate the physical construction with Interpretive Exhibits.

The finished product has a clear acrylic enclosure to protect a scale model of the wetlands project. Surrounding the model enclosure are printed informational panels that describe the process and benefits of the new wetland area. The interactive portion of the display includes buttons that activate lights which simulate water flowing through the system. There will also be a recorded audio presentation to accompany the simulation in the near future.

This project was a fun and educational experience for us as we watched the display grow from concept to completion. It was fascinating to visit Interpretive Exhibits and to learn about their process for building a model and adding the interactive components, which in turn helped us brainstorm interesting ideas that would be feasible in the final display. It is also great to have a finished product that can be experienced with multiple senses, which doesn’t fit into an envelope.

Actual wetlands construction and display progress photos, a bird’s-eye view mockup showing the model topography diagram with graphic panel art, and final photos of the engineered wetlands display...

We’ve Got You Covered

Here are a few recent titles we've designed for Baker Publishing Group and Presbyterian Publishing which are now available at the usual book outlets...

Hangin’ Out On the Web

Content Management Systems and Social Networking are the backbone of modern websites. Here are four examples of recent websites we have designed that employ these features to varying degrees...

Projects Flying Out the Door

Here are two projects that have already left the nest...

Child Advocates, Inc. hosts an annual fundraising event, but have never had a consistent style or theme for their event materials. They asked us to build something that would provide a theme for the upcoming dinner and also create brand recognition for their future events. This is the all-in-one two-sided invitation and RSVP self-mailer (sliced up for viewability):

Here is our latest take on promotional materials for The Shores. On the left is a full page ad for the Real Estate Book featuring their signature image of the couple on the beach along with information specific to one property. On the right is the newly redesigned Tri-fold Brochure featuring more general information. This design is geared towards common brochure racks found at coastal businesses:

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Matching Game: TV Shows

On the web, streaming, satellite, or good old fashioned rabbit ears? “Television” shows are now distributed in more ways than we ever could have imagined, but how we watch still isn’t as interesting as what we watch. See if you can guess which show has captured the fascination of each DesignPoint member! Roll over each TV Show image to see our favorites.



  Did You Know?

The world’s first website was launched in 1992 by CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. You can still visit the URL here. The World Wide Web was the brainchild of CERN physicist Tim Berners-Lee who first proposed the idea of a global system to share information easily over the Internet by using hypertext in 1989.
  What’s New?

We’re happy to introduce the new logo for Emerald Light Photography. Emerald Light is a nationally recognized studio specailizing in architectural photography. The logo will find it's way throughout all of the company’s collateral material in the not-too-distant future.

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