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Salem Chamber Orchestra was originally founded in 1984 by Willamette University Professor Bruce McIntosh, as the Willamette Community Orchestra. Today, Salem Chamber Orchestra (SCO) works in association with Willamette University to provide a platform for local musicians, including university faculty and advanced students, to perform for audiences in Salem.

Looking ahead to their 25th season, SCO asked DesignPoint to assist them with a new identity that would give them a fresh and classy new look to commemorate their silver anniversary.

We began working with Salem Chamber Orchestra shortly after the start of their 2008-2009 season. What started as one or two quick projects turned into a working relationship that had DesignPoint developing most of their materials for the rest of the concert season. We even had the opportunity to attend some of the performances which provided us with excellent inspiration for the pieces we were designing; postcards, lobby posters, newspaper ads and more.

After working closely with Salem Chamber Orchestra last year to enhance their marketing campaign, we were very excited to help them with their new identity in conjunction with their 25th Anniversary Season.

We always try to take cues from the target industry whenever we start to establish a look and feel for a campaign or logo, and in this case we wanted to capture the feeling of classical music. Salem Chamber Orchestra’s marketing group did initial surveys of their musicians and staff to see how each envisioned themselves and SCO within the community. They had general findings which they wanted to emphasize and help guide our initial designs. Ultimately they wanted us to blend their thoughts with timeless design to create a truly professional and classic logo that would work well in various applications.

In order to convey that classical style the final logo used serif fonts, clean lines, solid colors and a stylized f-hole element to represent the letter "S" of "SCO". The f-hole image is a immediately recognizable element from orchestral instruments such as the violin and cello, which helps reinforce the connection between the logo and the orchestra.
As is our custom, we then began to apply the new identity to all other materials in their campaign. Our biggest initial project using the new identity was the season brochure, but we have since developed envelopes, business cards, lobby posters and newspaper ads incorporating the new logo. We are looking forward to the rest of the 25th Anniversary Season celebration and we hope you will find time to catch a performance. They are truly amazing artists.
Some new materials for Salem Chamber Orchestra...

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Thinkbox is a company that helps people retrain their brains in order to overcome roadblocks, or to simply lead a more balanced life. We developed a Flash website which is designed to inform people about their services and methods, and what results they can expect. The site is built using a content management system so Thinkbox can make updates on their own from the comfort of their web browser. Take a look!

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My favorite color is Blue... Well, which blue? There are many different Blues. By nature designers are detail oriented, so it makes perfect sense that we would need a standardized system for referencing, selecting, specifying, matching and controlling colors. One of these systems is called the Pantone® Matching System® (PMS) which is a library of colors that is an important tool utilized by the Graphic Arts Community. Roll over each Pantone Swatch to see our favorites.




Facebook uses a modified version of the typeface Klavika for its logo. Check it out at DesignPoint's Facebook page.



We recently had the opportunity to create a logo for Reliant IT, an information technology company based here in Oregon, serving the Willamette Valley.

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