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OneSource is an authorized distributor of 3M™ products, focused primarily on after-market products to enhance and protect the cosmetic appeal of vehicles. The direct customers of OneSource are auto dealers, as their products are usually applied at the time of sale or shortly thereafter, but their branding and materials must also appeal to the new vehicle owners so the dealers can effectively position and sell the upgrades. DesignPoint had to develop an exciting and dynamic identity that would help OneSource simultaneously communicate to two very different types of customer.
If you have ever purchased a vehicle, you know that the most dreaded part of the sales process is when the dealer begins to list potential add-ons for your new machine. This stigma is exactly what OneSource had to overcome. They knew that the dealers would only have moments to make the initial pitch on their products and they needed to immediately grab the attention of the consumer and show them the unique benefits of the upgrades available. We decided to use bold colors and clear images to make a swift and positive impression on the viewer. The OneSource logo, for example, immediately communicates protection. The hope is that the consumer will imagine their new paint job behind the blue OneSource shield.
The next critical piece of the materials was the need to visually communicate the three main products quickly and precisely: Interior Protector, Paint Protection Film, and Window Tint. A brief glance at the primary images helps the customer recognize what is available: protection from stains, protection from rock chips, and protection from the sun. If any of these items are things the new car buyer is interested in, they will immediately make a connection with the appropriate product and may then decide it is worthwhile to read more of the details.
Another important focus of the materials was the existing 3M™ brand. 3M™ and Scotchguard™ are recognized and trusted identities that also help to reassure the customer of the product quality. In an attempt to keep a consistent look to the design elements of the brochure, we took several liberties with the 3M logo that would normally be against their standard rules of usage. In order to achieve a more dimensional look to compliment the overall design, we added color variation to the logo as well as shadow effects. A nice pat on the back for the overall design of the brochure is that 3M™ authorized the deviations from their normal identity, which is almost unheard of. That was something we couldn’t help but feel proud of.

OneSource has come to us for the design of their logo, website, brochure, posters, business cards, sell sheets, and even a video presentation designed to run in a digital frame at sales counters. We look forward to all the new and exciting ways we will be able to help them keep those new vehicles and their identity looking fantastic!

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It is no secret that many people have a lot of anxiety about visiting the dentist. That's why Cris Dental is going out of their way to make patients feel welcome and relaxed. How many dentists do you know who give away free cookies? I usually just get a toothbrush. The new is designed to match the color scheme and interior design of the office, and to make new patients feel welcome. As an added convenience, all of their new patient forms are available on the website so they can be filled out at leisure and brought with the patient to their appointment. Take a look!

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On occasion we work with political campaigns to spruce up a candidate’s image and give their materials a more polished and professional look. These three projects for Quinn Thomas Public Affairs were selected as Pollie Award winners in their respective categories by the American Association of Political Consultants. The Pollie Awards are the most prestigious awards in the political campaign and public affairs industry, and recognize the "best of the best" in political and public affairs campaigns.

DesignPoint Matching Game: Long Distance Travelers

Guess which person traveled to which destination. Sydney is by far the longest distance (miles as the crow flies) from Salem, Oregon any of us have traveled — and Hawaii seems to be a popular place. Did you know that it would take 115 million books end-to-end to span the total distance of our four destinations? That's over 70.4 billion pixels in a row! Roll over each photo to see the matches, and who's traveled furthest...




More Monopoly money is printed yearly than real money in the United States. About $50 billion in Monopoly money, which is about twice what the government prints!



We recently had the opportunity to create a logo for WordWinds International — a non-profit, Evangelical Christian organization that focuses on Bible translation and other projects being spear-headed by indigenous mission organizations.

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