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Inventing the Titans

Back in 2001 we offered our services to the Salem-Keizer School District when we heard that a new high school was being built in West Salem. It was a gesture of good will, community pride, and the obvious fact that it would be awesome to see our design plastered all over Salem.

District officials, committees, and the usual suspects pondered over what the school's mascot should be. Many names floated about, but the one that rose to the top was the Titans. Very fitting for an area known to be the home to Vikings, Saxons, Celtics, Olympians, Royal Scots, Crusaders, Cavaliers, and Pioneers. Selecting a name was the key element that allowed us to begin creating an indelible image for West Salem High School.

We began the design process as we do with most logo projects... by meeting to discuss what they were envisioning. There was plenty of imput from student focus groups, committees, and other interested parties. Colors were nailed down from the start... green, black, and silver. Ideas about the logo itself were varied, but most leaned toward the likeness of a warrior and a lightning bolt.

All of that brainstorming gave us the direction we needed to create and present several logo samples. One particular logo was an immediate hit. With a few tweaks to the headpiece and some adjusting of typestyles, we finalized the logo and sent our baby (see below) out into the world of sporting events and fan paraphernalia.

We not only designed the mascot logo, but were given the opportunity to create West Salem's coat of arms which is being used for the academic side of school functions.

While we didn't have any control over how the logo would ultimately be used, other than a few design suggestions leading up to its release, the creativity in it's use over the last seven years at West Salem has been fun to see.

We couldn't be happier being able to help the West Salem Titans create their identity and bring a community together with unyeilding pride. Go Titans!

Below are photos showing a few of the many ways our logo has been used by West Salem High School...

webwise header

First Commercial’s website is another great example of a hybrid site. We built it with an HTML body and Flash headers and navigation. On the surface it doesn’t look complex, but behind the scenes is a full content management system (CMS) that allows them to update all their listings from any web browser, anywhere. The HTML body of the site provides full search engine optimization, which is critical in the world of real estate.


We’ve Got You Covered

We’ve enjoyed some truly spectacular Olympic performances this year in Beijing, so we thought it would be appropriate to highlight the book we did for Regal Publishing by Olympic Gold Medalist Josh Davis...

book covers

And, since we're in the heat of an election year, check out this cover for Presbyterian Publishing...

book covers

DesignPoint Matching Game: The Early Years

You've gotta have a little fun once in a while, so learn a little bit more about us by playing this easy game. Guess which baby/toddler picture goes with who. Roll over each photo to see the match...




The first box of Crayola crayons was sold in 1903 for a nickel and included the same colors available in the eight-count box today: red, blue, yellow, green, violet, orange, black and brown.



We created this new logo for Soma Games, a local video game company striving to develop titles that appeal to
mainstream gamers while remaining grounded in Christian morality.

Visit our website to see more design samples at