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DesignPoint v4.0 Launched!

We have always been proud of our own website and have received a lot of positive feedback about it over the years. Unfortunately, due to our busy schedule it really has been years since it underwent any major changes. We began to feel like it was time to freshen things up and so it is with great pride that we are announcing the launch of our completely redesigned website... version 4.0. Check it out at!

Our previous site was built 100% in Flash. As far as reliability and presentation were concerned, Flash suited our needs beautifully. Using keywords and meta data we were able to achieve decent search engine optimization. With our new site, we wanted to maximize it's abilities across the board, so we created a Flash/HTML hybrid site. This gives us the best of both worlds — the benefits of Flash’s presentation, coupled with the increased search engine optimization of HTML.

As you look at our site, you will see that the main navigation for the site is all Flash. That allows us to have our custom rollover animations and menu tabs. The body of the site is in HTML, which means that search engines will be able to read every word and therefore, better direct internet traffic to our site. As a bonus, we now have deep linking options, and can direct people to specific sections of the site instantly, which we were unable to do using Flash.

Also implemented into the new site is a Flash/XML-based content management system that uses fully searchable descriptive text and instant web-based content management. This means that search engines can search and index virtually all information on our site, and we can update our portfolio in a matter of seconds from anywhere with web access. With these new tools we can reach more clients by making sure our work is easy to find and up-to-date.

So take our new site for a test drive. We would love to hear any feedback you may have because this is a bit of an experiment for us, and we hope to use what we learned in building this site to help us make our clients’ sites even better!

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DesignPoint strives to create relevant designs for all audiences. Here are a few samples of our more contemporary grunge-style covers...


DesignPoint Matching Game: Favorite Hobbies

You've gotta have a little fun once in a while, so learn a little bit more about us by playing this easy game. Guess each person’s favorite hobbie. Roll over each activity to see the match...




Red, Green, and Blue are "additive colors". If we combine red, green and blue light you will get white light. This is the principal behind the TV set in your living room and the monitor you are staring at now. Additive color, or RGB mode, is optimized for display on computer monitors and peripherals.



Cyan, Magenta and Yellow are "subtractive colors". If we print cyan, magenta and yellow inks on white paper, they absorb the light shining on the page. Since our eyes receive no reflected light from the paper, we perceive black. The printing world operates in subtractive color, or CMYK mode. In practice, printing subtractive inks may contain impurities that prevent them from absorbing light perfectly. They do a pretty good job with light colors, but when we add them all together, they produce a murky brown rather than black. In order to get decent dark colors, black ink is added in increasing proportions, as the color gets darker and darker. This is the "K" component in CMYK printing. "K" is used to indicate black instead of a "B" to avoid possible confusion over Blue ink.

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Before he became famous for his TV comedy work, the late Phil Hartman worked as a graphic designer. He created the logo for Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young which was used in the mid-1970s and 1980s.



Here's one of our recently completed logos. Legacy is a charitable planning service that assists financial advisors and organizations with maximizing their client's giving potential to Christ-centered charities.

Visit our website to see more design samples at