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Vacationing in Luxury

Courtesy of The Shores @ The Ocean

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love to vacation by the ocean. Something about the long stretches of sandy beach and the crashing of the waves makes us feel like we have truly escaped from the day to day grind we experience every day. Many people journey to the coasts of our nation so frequently that they discover it makes sense for them to purchase a vacation home.

Oceanfront real estate is precious, so not many folks can afford to own the ideal beachfront property and often settle for something that is a “short walk” to the beach, or simply has an ocean view. There is also the trouble of maintaining the property when they aren’t there. Who wants to vacuum and mow the lawn before they can begin to enjoy their holiday?

The Shores offers an amazing solution to this problem through fractional ownership. For the price of that little “ocean view” vacation home The Shores fractional ownership program gives people the chance to vacation in real luxury, creating a vacation experience that goes far beyond their expectations.

Our role is to help The Shores get the word out to prospective buyers in such a way that they will see the benefits of purchasing a vacation home in this way. As you might imagine, the photography is an essential part of this process. It is one thing to describe luxury, and it is another thing altogether to be able to see the view from the living room of one of these beautifully decorated homes. This was one of the cases where photography did not yet exist, so off to the beach we went. One of the challenges of photography on the Oregon coast is weather, so several of our trips to take more pictures or video started with a phone call alerting us that the sun was out. Time to drop everything and head to the beach. In retrospect, that wasn't an entirely unpleasant proposition.

We’ve developed many of the usual print materials for The Shores, as well as their website, but some of the more unique pieces include video walkthroughs of the properties, along with DVD slideshows. When a potential buyer calls up with more questions about one of the properties, a DVD can be mailed that will give them the chance to get a complete view of what the home looks like, which is especially helpful if they don't have an opportunity to tour it in person right away. Another frequent item for The Shores is ad placement. As fractions become available for individual homes we build ads to go in various real estate periodicals.

It is a real treat to create materials that compliment these gorgeous homes. Be sure to visit so you can get all the details about their exciting program. Who knows? Maybe you will find yourself sipping lemonade on the porch of your multi-million dollar home sometime this summer. Let us know when that is and we’ll stop by!

Some of the materials created for The Shores...

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We’ve Got You Covered

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factoid   Factoid:

The Library of Congress, the largest library in the world, stores 18 million books on approximately 530 miles of bookshelves. The collections include 119 million items, 2 million recordings, 12 million photographs, 4 million maps and 53 million manuscripts.

      logo   Introducing:

A recent addition to the DesignPoint family is a logo created for Debi’s Delights, a small catering and specialty gift company in Salem, Oregon. They offer fresh baked cookies and muffins, home made breads, hand made greeting cards, and other specialty items “perfectly packaged for gift giving".

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