SLAM LAW - Swanson, Lathen, Alexander, McCann, Prestwich, PC


For nearly 50 years, Swanson, Lathen, Alexander, McCann & Prestwich, PC, has represented individuals and families in wrongful death and personal injury matters. These matters include everything from automobile accidents and medical malpractice claims, to premises and products liability cases. We also maintain a vibrant practice in domestic relations, criminal defense, representing individuals in claims against their own insurance companies, as well as, handling appeals in all these practice areas. Unlike other personal injury law firms, we never represent insurance companies. Never have. Never will. Our commitment always has been, and continues to be, to seek justice for individuals. Our lawyers have spent their entire legal careers working together towards this commitment. Let us put our experience and commitment to work in helping you. Personal Injury: Personal injury is a broad area of law that relates primarily to representing individuals injured by the negligence or intentional conduct of others. Wrongful Death: When the conduct of a wrongdoer causes a person’s death, a claim for wrongful death may arise. A wrongful death claim can include claims for any monetary losses suffered as a result of the person’s death, as well as, a claim for “loss of society and companionship” suffered by the survivors. Loss of society and companionship includes the loss of the love, affection, care, companionship, comfort, guidance and protection that the deceased person would have provided if his or her life were not cut short by the wrongdoer’s actions. Automobile Accidents: The most common category of personal injury law involves injuries suffered by drivers, passengers, and pedestrians as a result of another's negligently operating an automobile. Criminal Defense: Criminal defense law entails the state’s, or other government’s, prosecution for crimes an individual allegedly committed. Family Law: Family law includes the broad legal area dealing with divorce and the resulting division of property, the establishment of child and spousal support, as well as, child custody and visitation. Other Practice Areas: Medical Malpractice, Premises Liability, Products Liability, Insurance Law and Appeals are among additional practice areas that we specialize in.

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